FAQ: Everything you need to know about our products and paint system

Where can I buy Automotive Art products?

Automotive Art is distributed by Logicar Inc., 1361 NW 155th Drive, Miami FL 33169, USA.

Tel: 1-888-815-2278 or 1-305-685-8044.

Email: sales@automotiveartpaints.com

What kind of color documentation is available?

Automotive Art has world class color documentation that includes; a full color box with variants providing all the tools for accurate color matching, along with color formula retrieval software with all car manufacturers’ colors listed.  The software also has scale interfaces to ensure perfect color mixing.

Where are the products manufactured?

Automotive Art’s complete and compliant refinish systems are produced by various world class manufacturers, primarily in Europe, with some products being produced in North America.  It has state of the art and fully supported colour matching in both low VOC and standard basecoat systems, along with a full line of ancillaries.

What is the history of the Automotive Art paint system?

The Automotive Art brand originates in the Caribbean Island of Barbados and was founded 1990.  Automotive Art began life as the distributor of Glasurit Refinish systems.  In addition, the founders recognised the need to develop a complete line of products (from fillers to topcoats) using world class technologies targeting the value segment of the industry.  The products were developed with some of the best coating manufacturers in Europe and North America.  Automotive Art is without doubt one of the best recognised brands in the Caribbean, with a strong reputation for high quality products at exceptional prices.

What is the value proposition of the Automotive Art paint system?

The value proposition is to offer state of the art European technology at affordable prices to the automotive refinish market.  Targeting body shops looking for European quality products, with world class colour matching, at a lower price point, where OEM certification, extensive warranties or value added services are not required.

What is the Automotive Art Refinish system?

The Automotive Art system was developed to offer body shops a complete line of high quality products under one brand (from fillers to topcoats).  The mission is to ensure that all products work well together to produce perfect results.  As such, the design and testing is done to ensure that this mission is achieved.