NEW 5L SIZE! Ultra High Solid Clear Coat 92-60

UHS Clear Coat 92-60 has superb resistance to weathering and yellowing, excellent surface hardness and polishing properties.

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Introducing ADAM 5

A new era in colour matching technology. Quick. Efficient. Extreme precision.

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Welcome to Automotive Art Paints, a global manufacturer & distributor of automotive refinish systems. Our high-performance products are sold in seventy countries around the world and meet all VOC regulations, including the North American LOW VOC standards. We invite you to find a distributor near you and learn more about why so many auto body shops count on our extensive range of innovative products to provide the best results for their customers.


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Restoration - Kirk Lee from Dakota Auto parts/Tri State


Pimentel Innovations Uses Automotive Art Paints to Create 4-Wheel Masterpieces

Automotive Art Paints enables Pimentel Innovations, a Car Restoration Company, to Make Magic! 


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Have you ever heard of vantablack?

Vantablack is the darkest substance ever made, but it’s not a color—it’s a material. It was created to help extinguish stray light reflected off telescopes and satellites to increase their clarity. It’s not even a paint; it’s a series of vertically aligned nan...View The Details

We stopped by Tricked out Customz in Tampa, FL to chat with owner Billy Kidd on his recent paint overhaul of Ann Grande's 1990 Isuzu Pup.

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