Fillers + Putties

Automotive Art Eurofil Gold Body Filler 5-250 is a European premium stain free body filler. It has a creamy texture; it’s very easy to spread and sand with excellent adhesion to most surfaces. This filler does not need to be finished with putty, making it very cost effective and time saving.

  • Adheres to steel, galvanize, zinc, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces
  • Super smooth
  • Fast drying
  • Easy sanding
  • Stain free
  • No putty needed
  • Saves time
  • Stain resistant


Available sizes: 3L

Automotive Art Multi-Soft Fine Filler 5-200 is a universal ultra-light polyester putty that has a creamy texture, it’s easy to spread and sand, with excellent adhesion to all surfaces.

  • Adheres to steel, galvanize, zinc, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces
  • Easy feather-edging
  • Fast drying, easy sanding, perfect finishing filler


Available sizes: 1.8KG

Automotive Art Multi-Plas Plastic Finishing Filler 5-220 is an incredibly flexible putty that has a creamy texture with excellent adhesion - it’s perfect for rigid or flexible plastic parts.

  • Adheres to plastic & fiberglass surfaces
  • Super smooth with excellent feather edging
  • Stain & tack free
  • Extremely flexible to prevent cracking
  • Perfect for plastic bumpers


 Available sizes: 1KG

Automotive Art Multi-Alu Finishing Filler 5-230 contains aluminum and has excellent adhesion, it’s perfect for filling between metal parts, chassis, etc., as it can be drilled and tapped.

  • Adheres to steel, galvanize, zinc, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces
  • Easy sanding
  • Fast drying
  • Perfect for drilling


Available sizes: 1KG

Automotive Art Multi-Fiber Finishing Filler 5-235 contains long strand glass fibers, which makes it very strong and capable of filling holes and cracks. It’s easy to spread, with excellent adhesion to almost every surface – perfect when superior strength and filling is required.

  • Adheres to carbon fiber, steel, galvanize, zinc, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces 
  • Super strong 
  • Fast drying    
  • Not porous  
  • Great for filling holes and cracks


Available sizes: 1KG

Automotive Art Bare Metal Putty 5-114 is a one component, fast drying glazing putty with an extra fine texture for filling pinholes, scratches and dimples on bare metal and hardened plastic fibers.

  • Good Adhesion
  • Easy sanding
  • Minimal shrinking
  • Best under lacquer, acrylic and synthetic finishes


Available sizes: 750ML