Automotive Art Flex Additive 20-45 makes refinishing plastic parts easy and eliminates the risk of paint failure.

  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Can be used in primers, clear coats and Motocryl
  • Reduces the need to redo work
  • Promotes maximum adhesion and flexibility required on plastic parts


Available sizes: 500ML

Automotive Art Adhesion Promoter 45-05 is designed to promote paint adhesion to all plastic automotive surfaces. This includes all flexible or rigid plastics and fiberglasses. Best to use after the surface to be painted has already been cleaned. Using our Adhesion Promoter as the first coat ensures a smooth durable finish and removes the risk of the paint peeling.

  • Ready for use, no mixing required
  • Promotes adhesion of primers & paints to plastic
  • Easy to spray
  • Protects against paint peeling off plastic surfaces


Available sizes: 500ML

Automotive Art Multi-Plas Plastic Finishing Filler 5-220 is an incredibly flexible putty that has a creamy texture with excellent adhesion - it’s perfect for rigid or flexible plastic parts.

  • Adheres to plastic & fiberglass surfaces
  • Super smooth with excellent feather edging
  • Stain & tack free
  • Extremely flexible to prevent cracking
  • Perfect for plastic bumpers


Available sizes: 1KG