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Automotive Art Motobase LV is a Low VOC* solvent base coat system that uses state-of-the-art European technology with superb color matching and covering power at an exceptional price. Motobase LV meets all USA & Canada VOC regulations. Best of all, we only need 57 toners to match all OEM colors.


 Available sizes: 3.5L, 1L, 500ML

Automotive Art HS DTM Primer–Sealer 2.1 VOC 45-76 is a versatile low VOC primer; it can be used as a high build primer and a sealer over E-coat, as well as direct to metal primer (DTM). Its high build and fast drying properties make it the perfect foundation for any top coat finish. It can be sprayed wet on wet or sanded, depending on the requirement. 

  • High Build Primer when mixed 4:1    
  • Wet on Wet Primer when mixed 4:1:2    
  • Fast drying
  • Primer Filler when mixed 4:1:1          
  • Easy to sand
  • Short refinish times 
  • Sealer for E-Coat when mixed 4:1:2  
  • Direct to Metal (DTM)
  • Low VOC*


Available sizes: 3.5L, 1L

Automotive Art Fade-Out Thinner 20-30 is specially developed to fade out (or dissolve) overspray on the edge of spot repairs. This allows clear coats or our Motocryl single stage color to be easily blended into the original paintwork.

  • No more dry or rough edges – this makes spot repairs unnoticeable 
  • Simple process 

       - Mix 1:1 with premixed clear coats or Motocryl color on the repair edge
       - Apply full strength at spot repair edge

  • Reduces repair time


Available Sizes: 1L

Automotive Art HS Clear Coat 2.1 VOC 82-41 has good resistance to weathering and yellowing, and it has good surface hardness and polishing properties. It is crystal clear.

  • Low VOC
  • 2:1 Euro Clear
  • Brilliant gloss
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Super transparent
  • Never yellows
  • Super hard finish
  • Easy to polish
  • Extremely good adhesion
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Multiple speeds of hardener


Available sizes: 5L, 1L

Automotive Art Multi-Fiber Finishing Filler 5-235 contains long strand glass fibers, which makes it very strong and capable of filling holes and cracks. It’s easy to spread, with excellent adhesion to almost every surface – perfect when superior strength and filling is required.

  • Adheres to carbon fiber, steel, galvanize, zinc, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces 
  • Super strong 
  • Fast drying    
  • Not porous  
  • Great for filling holes and cracks


Available sizes: 1KG

Automotive Art 4:1 Clear Coat 2.1 VOC 84-51 is perfect for painters requiring a high performance, High Volume production clear.

  • Low VOC*
  • 4:1 Euro clear
  • Very high gloss
  • Super transparent finish
  • Never yellows
  • Super hard finish
  • Easy to polish
  • Extremely good adhesion
  • Simple 4:1 mixing ratio
  • Multiple speeds of hardener


Available sizes: 1GAL