Automotive Art at SEMA 2017

29 November 2017 . Grâce à Automotive Art Paints
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SEMA 2017 marked Automotive Art’s signature year at the annual event in Las Vegas. Amidst record attendance, Automotive Art unveiled next-generation technology that continues to enhance its innovative positioning in the market, and secure its future as a brand to be reckoned with on the world stage. 

Hosting customers and prospects in its largest booth to date, the Company debuted its new state-of-the-art color spectrophotometers (spectro’s) that incorporate the latest and greatest technology available.  In 2018 the Company intends to launch two models of its new color spectro, one of which incorporates a camera for automatic recognition of aluminum particle sizes in slivers. Of even more significance, these new spectro’s will all feature the transformational formula recalculation technology which will further enhance Automotive Art’s ability to deliver unprecedented color matching solutions.

Complimenting the launch of its color spectro’s will be the Company’s new cloud-based color matching software, which will facilitate the new spectros collecting color formulas, either in the field or at the store, and uploading them via wifi. This new approach offers benefits ranging from Jobber sales reps uploading orders via wifi from their body shop customers back to their stores while on the road, to Tech Reps matching complex colors in the field. This confluence of new color spectro technology and cloud based color matching software will result in not only more accurate color matches, but greater efficiency in Jobber store mixing rooms, especially those that service high volume over-the-counter businesses.

In terms of new products, Automotive Art launched its new 2K Converter, which is designed to be mixed with Motobase to create 2K single stage metallic or solid colors that do not require a clear coat. Furthermore, body shops will be able to leverage their access to a database of 150,000 colors through Automotive Art’s Motomix color software in mixing 2K single stage product for commercial and industrial applications, with the addition of just a single converter on the mixing bank. In short, the new 2K converter will extend the market for Jobbers and body shops into commercial and fleet opportunities using the exact same paint system and ancillary products they use now. A whole new market created for Jobbers to service with minimal inventory investment; now that’s innovation!

As the desert sun set on SEMA 2017, Automotive Art left the Show with a record number of visitors to its booth, and numerous accolades from customers and prospects alike on its new technology and product initiatives. Automotive Art shares in this excitement and looks forward delivering these new and innovative solutions to their customers now, and into 2018.


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